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Plastic Recessed Handles

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Plastic Recessed Handles

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Conrad Technologies!

Since 1993, when we built our first plastic recessed handle for a client, our mission has been to create durable handles that our customers can rely on at a reasonable price. Using a high-quality thermoplastic that combines strength and a lightweight feel, our customers can purchase one of our standard handles or order a custom handle to fit their unique needs.

Conrad Technologies is located in Conrad, Iowa. What started as a grassroots company has become an operation that provides standardized and custom plastic handles for a variety of businesses across the country.

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Our innovative handles come in a variety of types, sizes and finishes and utilize a one piece, snap-in design, eliminating the need for additional fasteners and speeding up the assembly process.  In addition to our standard recessed handles, we have the capability to create a custom plastic handle, designed for your specific application. Check out our product line to view all the standard plastic recessed handles we offer.

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Industries and Applications

  • Fire/Rescue Equipment

    Fire extinguisher access doors, emergency vehicle roll up doors, emergency vehicle drawers, and much more!

  • Test Equipment

    Lift handles for portable test equipment, access panels, and much more!

  • Industrial Equipment

    Access panels for chillers, access panels for screw compressors, and much more!

  • Electrical Equipment

    Electrical panels, pull box doors, and much more!

  • Swimming Pool Equipment

    Access panels for pool heaters and much more!

  • Appliance

    Refrigerator doors, dryer drawers, carpet cleaner lift handle, central VAC access panel, water heater access panels, and much more!

  • Home Equipment

    Life handles for generators, lift handles for power washers, and much more!

  • Construction

    Sliding door handles, roll up door handles, garage cabinet doors/drawers, and much more!

  • Library Equipment

    Sliding shelf handles, and much more!

  • Computer Equipment

    Tower lift handles, access panels, rack mount drawers, and much more!

  • Hospital / Health Care

    Cabinet doors/drawers, test equipment, and much more!

  • Institutional

    Cabinet doors/drawers, restroom stall doors, and much more!

  • Veterinary

    Cabinet doors/drawers, vehicle equipment doors/drawers, and much more!

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Whether you need just one handle or millions, we know you want to have a realistic idea of the cost of our products, which is why we offer a free quote for any job involving our plastic recessed handles. All you have to do is provide us with your contact information and the details for your project. Please fill out our form to receive a free quote from Conrad Technologies.

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