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A History of Creating Quality Plastic Recessed Handles

Conrad Technologies began in 1993 when our founder Chad Dielschneider, now a 33-year veteran in the plastics design and molding industry, built a custom plastic recessed handle for a large HVAC manufacturer. What started as a grassroots company has become an operation that provides standardized and custom plastic handles for a variety of businesses across the country.

Chad and his wife, Karla, run Conrad Technologies together. Through the years, the business has grown and evolved to meet the needs of their customers. Chad and Karla have been able to keep their prices down while still providing the quality products that their customers have come to expect. In fact, since starting the business in 1993, they have not increased their prices. Instead, by utilizing lean manufacturing principles, they found ways to do things smarter and more efficiently, passing that savings on to their customers.

From creating custom, snap-in plastic recessed handles to be used on HVAC systems to manufacturing lightweight, recessed handles with custom molded-in logos to be used in file cabinets, Conrad Technologies can provide the solution you’re looking for and produce as many handles as you need.

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